Remove Jujube flower buds?

Good morning. I order five different cultivars of Jujube from Rolling River Nursery late last year. Having read reviews of their nursery and having never purchased from there before I expected small 1-2’ trees along the lines of the pawpaw’s that I ordered from them at the same time. Well their Jujube trees were quite large (and bare root while their other specimens are potted) with all of them being between 3-4ft tall with the tops having been clipped off prior to shipment so they were even taller. Several of the trees have a caliper of 1" or very close to 1".

It looks like Lang and Sugar Cane have blossomed (not 100% sure as I often only have time to look at them in the dark as I water). Should the flowers be removed or can some be allowed to set fruit? I think I already know the answer but having never had fresh or dried Jujube fruit it is tempting to let them continue to set fruit.

I just want to make the best decision.


I would just them be and see if they give you some fruits to try out. I liked the Fruits and I hope you will too.


glad to hear rollingriver has finally upped the sizes of their jujus and have plied the bare-root approach… The jujus received from them many years ago were weak premature infants!

would advise to not thin the flowers, since you need as many flowers on your jujus to max out sources of pollen, as well as sites of ovules… Jujus normally thin their fruits on their own. Of the cultivars, it is the smaller fruited ones which might need thinning(of fruits, not flowers), HJ,contorted’s sugarcane, etc.

of course, if you want your trees to grow faster, you may get rid of all the flowers on the first year, but that would extend your wait. For most people that would be ‘unbearable’-- if that is a double entendre :wink:
on the other hand, the quality of fruits on first year of planting may not be as good as those on the second year, and sometimes the third year.

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Thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll see what I get out of them then :slight_smile:

Yeah they were much larger than I expected and I kind of panicked when I saw them as I had to adjust my plans a little bit. It stated on their website that they were grown for Rolling River by some other nursery but I don’t recall the name nor do I see it listed on their site now. I’ll have to check the tag when I get home.

Thanks again!