Repeat Persimmon Stratification?

To cover my bases I sourced persimmon seeds from several locations. I have very different results for different sources. At one extreme nearly 100% sprouted from one source and at the other extreme 10% from another. It’s been 11 weeks and there haven’t been any new sprouts for a while. I exhumed one of the seeds in the 10% and sliced the seed. It appears that the embryo is still okay. Can the seeds be re-stratified? The 100% bucket is pretty crowded. Any thoughts on how many are ideal? I also started the same seeds in 14" tree pots. I have much better germination in the buckets. I have them all in a 4’x4’x8’ box with a space heater at 80F wrapped with mylar and led grow lights.

I’ve never re- stratified but what do you have to loose

I germinate seeds in a clear Mc Donald’s cup or a ziplock bag with some damp potting soil. Wait till they have a “tail”. You can shake them, pick out the started seeds then plant where you going to grow them.

Not wasting valuable growing space on something that may not come up.

As to how many in a bucket?
The more crowded the smaller they’ll be, and the more you’ll be separating roots when you move them.

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