Replacing an existing rootstock by grafting in another (bottom working)

I’ve got 19 apple trees, all on Antonovka rootstock. When I first purchased them, Antonovka sounded like the perfect choice for my area (Alaska)- but I’ve since found out that Antonovka just doesn’t perform well in my area. Typically, 4-5 years of survival followed by a slow death.

Has anyone planted a new rootstock (or several) next to the existing tree, and bridge or side grafted it, with the hope of severing the old rootstock off in favor of the new?

Has anyone seen or done work with a tree that has multiple rootstock varieties grafted into it?

I’ve already got 3 years invested, and I’m trying to find a solution that doesn’t result in me watching a slow apple death, and digging everything up.

Thanks for any insight you have!

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I had a Meiwa kumquat on Kuharski citrange. The 2 were incompatible. I planted a flying dragon along side and fused the Meiwa kumquat to it then cut the Kuharski out.