Replacing peach varieties


Your Silver Logans look great, nice looking marbled flesh, yum! There are some really great peaches out there! The best ones that ive tried are June Pride, O Henery, Kaweah, Suncrest, and Red Barron. These are all exceptional peaches here, and the Baby Crawford should be great too, mine was mismarked. I have struggled to add Rio Oso Gem, its just not as good as the above mentioned peaches, its main attribute is size here. To bad, it was discovered about 45 minutes from my place, really wanted it to be awesome, but just good here. Also a big risk buying O Heney peaches from the Farmers markets or fruit stands, I have found here that they sell many varieties as O Henery, just like most red cherries during cherry season are sold as Bing. Despite the hype, both are great fruits, when true to type!


At this point I am planning on top working a tree to Rio Oso Gem, and then ordering four trees.
I will probably order O’Henry, Baby Crawford, and June Pride from Bay Laurel Nursery, and Intrepid from Stark Bros.
I was not able to find a source for July Prince trees, and only Raintree has the Mary Jane. Kaweah sounds like a good peach, but is quite low chill. I’m thinking higher chill might be better. shrugs

Tough choices with so many fine cultivars available!

Thanks all for your reccomendations, and experience!


Great choices, you should have some wonderful peaches coming your way!! Kaweah is rated 900-1000hrs in DWN commercial site as is June Pride. On their home growers site they both are at 500. The commercial site has to be more accurate for growing recommendations, they will probably produce some fruit at 500hrs, but need 900 to get full crop.


It would be very interesting to know what variety it is. It looks quite unusual. Please let us know what TOA’s response is.


In light of that info on chill hours, I may decide to add Kaweah to the Bay Laurel order, rather then place a separate order for Intrepid with Stark Bros.


I will certainly do that. Even our Strawberry Peaches have more red then the photos I’ve seen, and I wonder if it could just be something local or in the soil causing all the red color?


Based on the winter lows I’ve experienced (24-28F) I say I’m in zone 9b and I get at least 1000 chill hours (below 45F) each year. I don’t know where you live, but I’d think a zone 8 would have more chill hours than I do.

You can figure out how many chill hours your area gets using Weather Underground’s Wundermap, local weather stations id’s , and a website called You just find a weather station close by and plug it’s id into the getchill website.


It looks like Bob Wells has July Prince. I’ve never ordered from them, but they’re ranked a Top 5 by Garden Watchdog.


Both Vaughns and Cumberland Valley sell it, but I don’t know, if
they ship to CA. I can send you a reasonable amount of wood, if
you want to grow your own trees.


I got mine from ACN. They had it on Guardian, which is supposed to be the best rootstock to combat PTSL.


I’m actually in the mountains of central Arizona, and I do believe they would ship here. I just need to figure out how many trees I can plant or replace, and which of the awesome varieties suggested to try.


Here is what get chill had to say about our closest weather station, using the dates that were already entered. ( Nov 1- Feb 28)
Thanks for the info!

Below 45 Model: 1373 chill hours
Between 45 and 32 Model: 1043 chill hours
Utah Model: 1054 chill units
Positive Utah Model: 1356 chill units
Dynamic Model: 61 chill portions


Here is the first response from Trees of Antiquity. This was before seeing the photos, (I haven’t heard anything different since sending them)

Hi there,

Thanks again for your interest in our trees. The Silver Logan is absolutely one of our favorite peaches. The shape will vary, but it will certainly be white fleshed. That said, our peaches this year have been exceedingly red fleshed with some almost completely blood red fleshed in both our yellow and white peaches this season. A picture can be attached to this e-mail. We’ll be sure to make this right if it’s indeed something different. Thanks again.

So it sounds like we do have the right variety, in this case. :smile:


I’ve heard it said that the commercial chill estimates are overestimated so the nursery isn’t blamed for the trees failing to produce. So the homegrowers’ estimates might be the more accurate ones.


I guess that is possible. On a good year here we get everything, including apricots, but on a bad year, like we had last year, we got only a few apples and pears.
We have enough trees planted to eventually be able to can enough fruit on a good year, to last us a few years. With about six mature apricot trees years ago, my father in law canned over a thousand quarts of apricots. He canned them whole, in light syrup. We like to can them halved with the pits removed, and cooked down into what is almost jam, with nothing added. The flavor is intense, and remarkable.

I am guessing most varieties will make here, especially on a good year. It’s still sometimes hard to choose.


I’m now thinking of replacing three plums with peaches, as I have two that just get tortured every year with thrips and aphids, and can hardly get healthy growth out, and of course have yet to set or make a crop. They are Elephant Heart, and Burgundy. They have been in the ground here since 2013, and were big 3/4inch caliper trees when planted.

The peaches have been pretty much hassle free, only needing winter pruning, and then thinning when they overset. The other big factor for me is we all love peaches, and can eat enormous quantities in milkshakes, or canned.
I look at how much we can use, and then think about how many grandkids we could have in the not so distant future helping us use the harvest, and I say MORE PEACHES! LOL

We have a Late Santa Rosa that makes large flavorful sweet fruit, and four Stanley prune plums that are loaded this year. That might just be enough.


I’m super happy! :smile:
I just ordered an Intrepid from Stark Bros. and June Pride, Baby Crawford, O Henry, and Kaweah from Bay Laurel.
I thought about Gold Dust instead of Kaweah, but decided June Pride will be early enough for me. Kaweah sounded too good, and too productive to pass up.
Going to graft a couple over to July Prince and Rio Oso Gem, and I should be well set on peachy peaches.
Now to get the sweet potatoes dug, and the rest of the green chilis roasted and peeled, and otherwise stay busy until baby arrives in January. Counting down weeks. lol


Excellent choices, enjoy your peaches!!


How would you rate and describe the flavor of the strawberry free peach? how about disease resistant? I heard good things about snow beauty why do you like that variety better? thank you