Repot onion starts or muddle through?

I started several varieties of onions in 6 inch pots about six weeks ago. They are doing pretty well, but they are at the point where they are excessively rootbound. I have to water them about every 36 Hours, or they wilt.

I should be able to plant them out in the garden within about 7 to 14 days. I really hate to go through the effort of repotting them when we’re that close, but it’s still gonna be a bit too chilly this week to put them out. I have started harden off them off.

So I really have three options:

  1. Plant them out now despite the chilly weather.
  2. Limp them along until the right time in the same pots, just keep up on the water.
  3. Repot

The forecast is below.

Don’t need to re-pot. Water and feed until it is time to plant them out. When it is time, take them out of the pot, shake well to untangle roots, separate and trim the roots to 2-3 inches length before planting.

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I think they can handle cold weather pretty well. I planted mine last year and i’m pretty sure we had snow after putting them in the ground. Mine were also all tangled together and what i did was just dump them in a buck of water and untangled the roots once the soil was removed. Seemed to work.

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