Repurposing the Vegetable Garden

Combination of increased decrepitude and increased pest pressure in location with bad drainage. I’m giving it up.

Didn’t plant any fall crops. Yesterday, pulled the last tomatoes and stuff - they weren’t producing. Raked the straw from the potato bed - a total loss, that - over the ground of the garden.

Today, sowed 2# of oat seed into the straw. Plan is - oats will die back with November frost, will then sow prairie flower seeds into oats.

Strawberries not yet all taken out, as it started to rain yest, but I figured that rain was just right for the oat seeds.

We Shall See


Rain duly arrived - the right sort of rain for seeding

I’m betting the next drought report will have us clear, but that strawberry bed is too muddy now to finish digging.

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After a couple weeks of watering, I’ve got a new oat field out there. Lookslike grass.

Prairie seed has arrived, and I’ve harvested seed from my own plants, ready for the killing freeze that will come eventually, to sow into the killed oats.