Reputable source of oriental lilies?


Can anybody recommend a reputable source of oriental lilies? So far, what I tried to buy from different sources always somewhat moldy.


Unfortunately, they are generally planted in the fall.


Really??? I tried to buy them in fall and I think they were “Out of stock”, so I thought they are spring planted… Thanks!


Yeah, I kept postponing ordering them and suddenly it was winter. I had some Asian lillies I bought from Cosco about a decade ago and they were effortless, highly fragrant beauty, but last season failed to rise. Not sure what killed them, but it may have been moles eating them, chipmunks or pine voles. Skunks also eat bulbs, but not mine.


I like ordering all kinds of bulbs from


I’m told they are the same company by a client of mine who is a landscape designer. I never fact-checked her but I’ve ordered from both catalogs and was happy with the bulbs.


As mentioned above Van Engelen is a good source. I have ordered lilies from them and got good bulbs. B & D Lilies and The Lily Garden are two good sources as well. Their bulbs are larger and the bulbs are more expensive. But both are actual growers located in the Northwest. They know lilies and carry hard to find varieties and new selections. Most vendors are just resellers of Dutch grown lilies and have no experience actually growing the lilies they sell.

Having said this I think in most cases people would be better off planting orientpet lilies instead of oriental lilies. Few of us have a climate that is suited to growing oriental lilies unfortunately. Orientpets like Conca d’or and Black Beauty are better choices. Both are listed as Hall of Fame winners by the North American Lily Society (NALS). Here is a link to the full list.