Results for non thinning your plum trees

I’m so busy lately at work as well as in my orchard, that I missed out on my backyard President plum (forgot to thin it out of extra fruit)
Here is the result

36 plums on one small branch, it’s just ridiculous.
Branches are starting breaking from all the plum harvest this year


Ouch! I under-thinned my apple this year - I hope I don’t start having the same problem.


My unthinned J plum. I don’t know if these are EarlyMagic or Reema plums. They are held up by twine.

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candyflipper, what happened to you is the most normal thing in the world.
The plum trees (in general both the Japanese and European varieties), and their cousins ​​the pluots, have a natural tendency to grow towards verticality (like the cherry trees).
So that this does not happen, it is necessary to carry out an adequate pruning of formation of the tree for at least 4 first years.
This pruning is carried out in a vegetative state (green pruning).
Although it seems like a waste of time 4 years without obtaining any harvest, it is a fundamental task.
The objective is to obtain a tree with a strong structure, not very tall, so that the harvesting tasks, treatments etc … are carried out within easy reach (without the need for stairs), and with a good number of fruitful branches to obtain good harvests in a tree of reduced size in height (Spanish Bush formation pruning system).
There is a lot of information about it on the internet, but if you can’t find the right information, tell me and I’ll explain it to you step by step.



If I thin my fruits the squirrels get them all!

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