Revitalizing Fruit Seeds

The past two summers I’ve had the chance to take my kids up to my old summer vacation spot in the Keweenaw Peninsula of MI’s UP. From an early age the locals taught me to recognize and collect various wild Thimbleberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Our trip in 2019 found me reconnecting to that skill and the expected nostalgia of childhood adventures. Last summer (ending up being one of the best social distancing locations) I made it my goal to not only eat, but collect some of the wild berries the UP has to offer.

My choice of storage upon returning home, however, wasn’t as thought through. :grimacing: Remembering the lengthy stratification with Cloudberry seeds, I decided to keep in a moistened paper towel in my fridge initially. That somehow devolved to them sitting on a ceramic plate unprotected for months (I’m embarrassed I’m even typing this). My question for the group – Are these seeds still viable? If so, how would I resurrect 'em?