RIP: What died in our gardens this year

Sadly my potted Olympic fig died. Brown Turkey is growing from roots. Zone 8b.

Also my Imperial white currant passed away. It was several years old and productive. A lovely landscape plant, will be sorely missed.

The Issai mini kiwi died last summer. However in a different spot there is a male mini kiwi happy and greening nicely. Wonder if possible to plant a female nearer it?

The only other deaths were flowers: a varigated lavender, 2 foxgloves, 1 lupine, and a few butterfly attracting flowers I will not buy again.

Amazingly 2 annuals overwintered without any care! This was a nice condolence.

Feel free to mourn your dead here, and share if you got a cutting to grow or otherwise replaced it with a new baby.

My Twocot apricot died :frowning: I had to pot it up last year so it wouldn’t get hit by tree work I had done, and it did OK but never leafed out after winter.

If nobody has scionwood I’ll buy it again. I want a white apricot with sweet pits.

Then my Arp rosemary big enough to have roots in soil it didn’t like died over winter. Mine always grow huge and then die here over random winters.

And a hybrid tea rose that was really pretty but wimpy. I like robust roses much better, so I’m not too upset about that one.

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I lost one newly-planted yew in my hedge, and quite a few new azaleas are looking iffy. One bed of spiderwort died completely while a different variety is coming up nicely and, I hope, will survive the snow today

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I lost a Razzmatazz grape and haven’t seen any signs of life from my two figs. My Nikitski Ranni Pomegranate appears to have come through with only very slight damage so that is a good sign for its cold hardiness.

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As things start to green up im beginning to wonder if my black gold cherry may be on its way out. The tree has not started leafing out yet the grafts on it have. It looks really weird. In past years its leafed out concurrently with my other cherries. Seems a little odd that the tree would die yet still have the ability to support the grafts.

I wont shed a tear if is does die. Despite being my favorite fruit, sweet cherries have been my biggest regret and waste of time in my zone.


Perhaps the grafts drew too much of the dominance, bigger branches? If all were even IDK.