Ripe nectarines in Spain

Looked it up…Huelva is about the same latitude as Springfield, MO…pretty impressive.

“We started the stonefruit campaign with great prospects thanks to the fruit’s quality and the warm weather expected across much of Europe in the coming days, which is very necessary for consumption of stonefruit,” states José Antonio Martín, of Agromartín, member of the Plus Berries group.

Besides having a reputation as a strawberry producer, Agromartín has about 140 hectares of greenhouses in Huelva devoted to the cultivation of stonefruit, from nectarines and yellow and white-fleshed peaches to apricots, flat peaches and plums, supplying fruit until early June.

Like in another thread I mentioned across the pond high density planting has been going on a long time. Commercial and in backyards.

Interesting, and all in low tunnels. Low tunnel would be good for preventing the hated peach leaf curl, which is spread by rain.

Must be a really good area for such things. Another guy nearby has the sweet cherry market all to himself this time of yr. My impression was the cherries were in an actual greenhouse vs the tunnels shown here. But they could be frost free and not need any heat for spring freezes.

If latitude were the only thing that mattered, I could grow the same things as in L.A. or Morocco without having to stand on my head and wiggle my ears at the same time. Unfortunately. even though I’m a hair closer to the equator than those places, I can’t wiggle my ears and can only stand on my head if someone is spotting me. So, that puts avocados and some other things out of the picture for me.

That doesn’t mean I like the setup in the story about the nectarines any less.

There are areas of southern Spain where mangoes grow so I suppose its similar climate to S California… I just found it interesting how insanely early it is to be harvesting ripe nectarines in the N hemisphere…these things must be blooming in Dec?

That’s what I don’t understand. How they get chilling and bloom early enough to harvest that early. Most areas getting chilling in Nov would have frost in Febr and March. That’s why it’s the best area on earth for this venture.