Ripe Pear August 1st 2021 - Any idea on variety

Ripe Pear August 1st 2021 - Any idea on variety

I bought this pear a few years ago, but it only has fruited this year. But its certainly not the variety i bought. As it should be a large, red and ripe in October.

This pear is ripe now, yellowish skin color and only just over 2 inches tall. Quick a nice tastes and soft, but appears to drop off tree when ripe.

Any ideas on variety, I thought maybe it was the root-stock growing or maybe Hessle.


Looks like it could be ayers or a similar pear that was grown in the shade. If I’m right it’s dripping with juice. There is some grit in the skin but certainly melting. It has a red blush if grown in the full sun. The size and leaves are correct. If it’s exceptionally juicy you know what it is. I’m not certain because there are others it could be.

Reminds me of my Summercrisp pear, though I don’t recall them forming clusters of three. They will fall like rain when ripe. Very soft skins, mild flavor.

Sprouts from a rootstock can have wicked long thorns!

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