Ripening dates in New England for Asian pears (6a/b)


I have a shinseki and some hosui s. Anybody in New England care to share when their crop ripens? Shinseki looking nice but know it’s not the best flavor.

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Sorry it took a while. I needed to dig up my notes (handwritten, not computerized.

Both Hosui and Shinseiki ripened about the same time in the Worcester Hills area, Sept 4-8, per my notes.


Thanks Mam! Appreciate it. I pulled a shinseiki this weekend just to see and it’s very subtle but definitely getting there. Will wait a little longer!

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I let to let my fruit fully ripen. This year because of the drought we are facing, it is possible that fruit may ripen 7-10 days earlier.

If you have a lot of them, you can pull one to see by the end of Aug. dark, almost black is a good indicator. The taste will give you a clue, too. If they are still having chalky taste to it, it is not ripe.

Hosui is sweeter than Shinseiki. Hosui is one of those brown/russeted skin while Shinseiki is a thin skin one.

I personally like Kosui and Korean Giant but Hosui comes close.

I have not tried Drippin Honey. Squirrels have taken almost all of them.

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Me too… I’ve had so much squirrel and deer pressure on my orchard this year… I suppose I’ve jumped the gun a tad. ARe yours smaller than usual too? My hosui are like small apples… will have to set up the irrigation around these trees…

I’ve see your posts about the kosui and the korean giant. I’d love to try them. I’ll have to look out for scions/trees.

Yes, everything including Korean Giant look like dwarves. The ones that sized up got taken by animals first.

Animals seeking water this year is relentless causing extensive damage.

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super helpful again. Thanks Mam… yeah, I’m not sure some of my trees are going to recover from the deer… I guess we will have to see.

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Haven’t sampled shinseki yet but Korean Giant ripened mid September 2021 but tasted better Oct 1 last year. You can pick Shineski over a few week period to determine when they are there peak.

Korean Giant where I live, Central MA, ripens in Oct. it ripens over a long period of time. I left some into mid Nov. By then, it loses some of its crunchiness but still taste good

I’m further south than all of you and KG is October. You said Hosui ripens the same time as Shinseiki? I was going to put Hosui in thinking it was mid ripening, but don’t want it if it’s not.

My note said I picked Shinseiki and Hosui on the same week. However, further south, there may be a wider window between them? @scottfsmith may know. He grows a lot of pears.

I know that several pears that flower at different time in the south, flower about the same time here in the north.