Risk of encouraging D. Lotus rootstock branch?

I’ve got a Saijo persimmon on it’s way, grown on Dyospyros Lotus rootstock. I would actually like to encourage one sucker of it to grow into a branch of the original Lotus. I’m thinking I could prune and maintain it, to prevent it taking over the grafted fruit.

Weird, I know, but I’m just trying to exercise a little beginner’s caution.

What do you hope to gain from having a lotus limb? A quick Google search shows diospyros lotus to be be dioecious. So even if you get your lotus limb to flower, if its the only one, you likely won’t get fruit.

ohh damn, you’re right! I forgot that most Diospyrus are dioecious! I guess scratch that idea!

Last year I created a stool with the tops of my Lotus rootstocks by simply burying them in laterally in about a three” deep self draining tray. Within about 3 weeks I had six shoots emerge and they are still growing. So by this time next year I will have 6 new Lotus rootstocks for grafting!
So there is a good use of the limb if you cut it off now and simply plant it if you need more rootstock.