Roadside Dwarf Crabapple for Evaluation

All I know about the fruit thus far is that it’s a crab apple.

I’m interested in trialing it. If you want to do an exchange for scions later please keep me in mind.

Perhaps graft it to an existing tree then airlayer it off to start the stool bed if they dont root easy.

Cool find!

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I’m working on establishing a batch to stool so I can distribute already rooted clones for people to trial. When they’re ready (not this year of course) I’ll be checking back on this thread to remember who all the interested volunteers are.


Early August Update:

I’ve got a few successful grafts of this dwarf crabapple growing strong now and the grafts are burried to allow them to push their own roots. Once they have enough roots I will remove the rootstock and use the rooted scions to establish a stool bed so I can distribute own-root clones for trialing.

I stopped by the tree today to see how its fruit set is and I’m pleased to see that it is carrying a heavy crop of crabapples despite the late freezes we had this year. The high fruit set makes me wonder if it may be somewhat self fertile.

The fruit aren’t ripe yet, but those with more sun exposure are showing a red blush. Most are shielded by the foliage though and are still very green. I actually couldn’t even tell it had fruit in it until I got close to the tree, but it’s definitely loaded.