Rockin' double raspberry

went to a new nursery that opened nearby yesterday. came home with a very large flowering Rockin’ Double raspberry plant in a gal. pot… its so new the only thing the owners could tell me about it is i has big great flavored berries and it puts out 2 crops on Primocanes! one mid summer and again in fall. i think this is the 1st raspberry to do this. wether the fall crop ripens early enough for me to get any amount is yet to be seen but i figured still worth a try as ill still get a summer crop. any one hear of these? there isn’t much detailed info on them. bred by ag way nurseries i think i read. the fruit is supposedly firm enough for commercial production and is high yeilding which should be a game changer for easy to maintain production. just mow the canes in late fall and fertilize and amend again after the summer crop. hardy to z4-8.