Roger Meyer Health issue

Someone in the GardenWeb mentioned that Roger has been in the hospital the last few months and he may not leave the hospital. I wish him well. I hope his family continues to sell and take care of his Jujube collection.


this is sad, sad news. A true gentleman, and a scholar, he is.

in this country, there aren’t many nutritious fruits one could grow abundantly-- which do not require pesticides or enormous amounts of water. Roger’s juju advocacy ‘solved’ that problem, way before a severe drought or plum pox/apple blight epidemic ensues. It is now simply up to us to follow his lead.

by sheer coincidence, his namesake(Frank Meyer–not related to him), happens to be america’s original jujube advocate in the early 1900’s.

Roger has been a great resource for all of us. The jujube is one enigmatic tree in this country. What we know is quite fuzzy and no one has cleared the fog more than Roger.

About a week ago, I emailed Roger about buying some jujubes (most of my trees are pretty small and there is almost unlimited demand in my family). Shirley responded, letting me know that Roger is in the hospital and that they don’t know when he would come out. She hasn’t been to the farm for a while, but is planning to go soon to check things out. Because of the drought, they had to cut their water use by 15%, so they aren’t sure how much impact it will have on the crop.

I’m not sure what is ailing Roger, but I hope he pull through and makes a strong recovery.

That is sad news. Wishing things go well for Roger and his family.
He is a wealth of knowledge.

To add more sad news this year we have found OFM lava in our Jujubes.

So the OFM will adapt if as stated a plum/apple epidemic ensues. Don’t put those sprayers away.

sad to hear about your bad news… Do you mind if i as about your location?
our juju’s get infected with fruit boring larvae too, and raided by little finches, but by sheer abundance of fruits, spraying is still unnecessary.

This is sad news. I was planning to order some jujubes from him. Hope he pull through and get well soon.

totally agree with everyone who commends him for his contributions. Mr Meyer revolutionized the reintroduction of this valuable fruit crop. But this time around, the juju following seems to be getting bigger everyday

with the drought that continues to get worse-- plus the pesticide-free movement which is also gaining momentum, many will learn to appreciate it.

jujus are considered an ancient species in terms of phyllogeny, but in logistical terms, it is hands-down, the future.