Roger Way’s apples

I suspect you are right that it was named for Wayne County, although there is a town of Wayne south of Keuka Lake. I had an Uncle Wayne, but the apple’s name doesn’t grab me. Were I to sell them, I think I might call them Wayne County Spy or Wayne’s Wonder or Mad Anthony.

According to Roger Way in the source I cited, U.P. Hedrick, who became horticulturist in 1905, became overly enthusiastic with fruit breeding and named varieties before they had been fully tested. In ten years, he introduced 18 new varieties of apples without stringent or long-term evaluation. Although Cortland, one of the station’s most successful introduction, was a product of the Hedrick era, perhaps Herkimer and Otsego were two that didn’t measure up.

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That makes sense, I wondered why they wouldn’t maintain germplasm of a variety they developed .