Rojo Brilliante Persimmons

Available at Just Fruits & Exotics



Are you ordering it?


Yes, I’ve heard so many good things about it, & its been very hard to find.

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I hope you were fast, they are gone already.

They’re website is showing 11. Maybe their inventory doesnt show real time? Yes I have my order confirmation.


That was the message yesterday. Could your computer be pulling from cache?

Scott, I was getting the same “out of stock” notification on my chromebook. I had to place an order using my galaxy S5.


I tried in a different browser (no cache on it) and it was still out of order but it shows on my phone. Looks like they have a bug in their webpage.

Clearing my cache didn’t work for me either. It is strange.

Maybe just call them to order.


Their new web page has lots of bugs in it. Sometimes my computer can’t even connect to their system. I placed an order the other day but decides to put non astringent varieties in my limited remaining space. With ever persimmon I order, a fig tree must die. That’s how limited my space is. However, I’m finding that I don’t like figs well enough to warrant so many trees. God bless.


Yeah, JF&E’s site has been buggy for a while.

I could not access their jujube page unless I googled it (their menu links are goofy).

I want to buy Honey Jar from them.

I was fortunate to get one, have order confirmation. Not keeping my hopes up though. Last year, I was patiently waiting for Tam Kam, ordered one when it was available with confirmation email too, next day they told me they had none left.

Now sold out. 16 trees in 2 days

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Persimmon Bob really like his grown tree.


I have about a dozen or more R/B’s now in several growing stages with plenty of fruits.
It is truly a beautiful fruit and also excellent tasting, there are several others on par here.
My wife like Kiungsun s. b. a little better.These tree’s are very productive and very little fruitdrop, that’s why i have topwork several others.

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Can you post some more pictures of the RB with fruits load.


Now if only I can find Kiungsun…