Rolling River Planting Justice Questions

Does anyone have a coupon code for them?
Are their bareroot trees as tiny as the potted?

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I would encourage you to read about my experience with them before ordering:

I did a series of reviews with about six different companies last summer. Sadly it appears there are only a few that can be trusted to send good products. Most of them are making sales off former reputations. Rolling river was one of them. They were all potted, but very small and a bit expensive. Was hoping the bare root trees would be bigger.


I was there yesterday to buy some rootstock and as I expected, it was not a great operation. I hear they are doing some good things to the community which I appreciate, but the operation was not professional. Again, this was mentioned before so I didn’t want to order online and drove there. Interestingly, their barefoot tree collection was quite good and had been sourced from DWN and others and displayed well. I wouldn’t mind buying those.

However, other trees were haphazardly thrown together and I wasn’t sure I could trust the labels as the varieties were so mixed up. It seemed like the person at the billing counter arbitrarily set prices. When I pointed out their online prices were cheaper she just gave me a (random) discount. They do have a 1-year guarantee on their trees but not sure I want to go there to buy any non-standard trees. Of course, I understand the difficulty of small-scale nurseries dealing with Covid but the lack of proper organization doesn’t seem to stem from Covid constraints