Romance cherry flower buds

Can you tell which buds are flower buds and which are leaf buds when the bush is dormant? I know, when it is multiple buds in one spot, they usually flower buds. But I see mostly single buds on my Carmine Jewell, but it was loaded with fruit last year and I expected even bigger crop this year - does it mean it suddenly decided to take a break? Can somebody post a picture to show the difference between future leaves and flowers, if it is possible ?

galinas, I have the book put out by the U of S on growing the romance cherry series. Under the heading of ‘Buds’ it states the following:

Dwarf sour cherry buds are arranged alternately on the branch. Some buds are vegetative- produce leaves or branches. Others are reproductive- produce flowers, which in turn produce fruit and seeds. Reproductive buds have a pink hue. The tips of the branches often have three buds: the centre bud is vegetative and the other two buds are reproductive.

So it sounds like that these cherries do not always show multiple buds in one spot for flower production.

It also goes on to state that some varieties have “barren” branches and regular proper pruning with discourage or eliminate this phenomenon.


Great :yum:! It means I may still have cherries this year!

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