Rooted fig cuttings available - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

I posted this offer on OurFigs forum last week, still have several available. Recently I mailed off two rooted cuttings to a fig friend. My wife, ever conscious of the possibility of my getting out of control with respect to fig numbers, asked me what I was going to do with the rest of the cuttings on our patio. I replied that I intended them to be given to people. We are not hosting a fig growers gathering this year, so here is the offer.

I have a few rooted cuttings from my own plants available for local pickup, including MBvs, Moscatel Branco, Moscatel Preto, Trabia, Adriatic (JH) and also a rooted sucker of Black Bethlehem. PM me if interested, the number available may depend on how many people respond.

But the offer also includes letting you set an airlayer on one or more of my inground plants while you are here (a few will not be available due to size or due to just being planted), which means you will have to return later to harvest it. We can discuss this by PM as well.