Rooting Asian Pears from cutting?

I am wondering if anyone here as successfully rooted an Asian Pear from a cutting? I ask because I bought a bare root Shinko Asian Pear whip from a travelling fruit tree seller at the local farmers market about 6 weeks ago. It was close to bud break at the time I bought it, I immediately planted it in the yard (8b in Louisiana) , and cut off the top 18 or so inches of the whip. On whim I stuck the cut off tip in a pot with potting soil where I am growing out some pineapple Guava plants until they are large enough to go in the ground. Anyway 6 weeks later it has leaves on it (it started to leaf out about a week after planting), and about a finger length amount of new stem growth in one spot. So of course now I am wondering if I was successful in rooting it, or if it is just going on stored nutrients.

What are your thoughts?

Dunno, all i can say is i watched figs abd kiwis do this and take off, and cornelian cherries do this and break my black and shrivelled heart…

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