Rooting some fruit trees

Bradybb sent me some scions. I grafted half of the plums and rooted the others along with four peach that he gave me. Thanks Brady! I thought I show some pictures of my hoop trays I made for rooting the cuttings. I also cut up the Santa Rosa clippings and rooted a bunch of those in another tray too. Why I was at it I clipped some Bing, Stella, and Rainier cherry. I did some Satsuma plum too. Why not I had the room for an orchard in two trays! The pictures are of the cuttings Brady sent me. They were just starting to bud swell two days ago when I put them in.

Swollen bud in the left tray and fresh leafed out cuttings are in the tray on the right. I have one dormant Rainier scion that I didn’t use while grafting in the coffee can.

Hard to see and the pictures are not that great but here’s a look inside.

Two Toka plums on the bottom, top left is a Beauty, and top right is one of my Santa Rosa’s

Four Indian Free peach on the left. On the Right is two Elephant Heart plums. You can see flower buds swelling on the peach.

This picture was taken on the opposite side of the hoop tray. The bottom rt is The beauty to the left is my Santa Rosa, and the Tokas in the back. The only one that had leaves popping was the Santa Rosa. The Beauty had green bud swell, and the rest were still dormant! Can you believe the growth in just two days? I don’t think I have roots yet but I did scuff the bottom one inch of the bark off and added rooting hormone. I’ll post more as it happens. Hopefully they grow!

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I hope they do well for you, John. Thanks for posting the description, and especially the pics of them bedded down, camping out in their humidity tents.

We will see what happens. They sure do wake up fast in that environment. I am just worried that the roots wont grow in time seeing some are already leafing out in two days. I’ll post more pictures in a week so we can compare. To me it seems like it cant be this easy, but in videos I watched I a lot of them say and it’s just that easy. The only problem with growing trees like this is they will be on their own root stock. I could always use the trees as scion wood stock too if they grow up. I plan on giving most away to family and friends. I’ll plant a few but I have probably fifty trees with both. The other tray has smaller pots like the four packs you get when you buy flowers, so it’s loaded with cuttings.

Looks good! They do seem to have responded rather fast growth-wise.

I’m curious as to what your temperatures were during that time? I have a few fruit plants I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at rooting, although with my decidedly tropical climate I’m wondering if my humidity and temperature would be a boon or a detriment to the whole process.

If yours get roots,maybe I’ll try doing that.I have a misting tent and a small fog propagation box.
Bear_with_me had good success with a certain kind of Plum. Brady

The first day was sunny and 70 outside. I let the dormant cutting sit in full sun to warm the box and dirt up while I made the other one up. about two hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit ninety inside for a while. From what I’ve watched on u-tube dormant cuttings can have a couple hours a day of filtered sun like in the morning. The last two days have been cloudy and rainy here, but the sun is trying to come out now. inside the house were they are at the temps are anywhere from sixties to eighties. The fresh cuttings you have to cut the leaves in half and they get no sun directly on them. They say it takes longer to root the fresh ones. I had flowers on some and just cut those off. they already grew leafs! The other fresh ones were just popping leaves out about a half inch I trimmed those close to the buds. We will see. It sure is fun to watch so far. I’ll post more this weekend. It sure would be a cheap way to plant an orchard! I read certain plums wont root, so I’m not sure which ones they were talking about.

Yes, after seeing his root I studied a bit about it. Some articles I read said plums are easy to root, so I figured why not try. I read other articles that said you can stick dormant plum cuttings into the ground like bear did and they will just grow. It just seems to easy so far.

I just want to ad that I read you may need to use a heat pad to keep the temp between 60 and 70 deg F

I was excited to see The Toka bloom. I’m not sure if it will pollinate my Satsuma, but I pulled it out and touched these two flowers to about half the flowers on my tree. Toka they say is a very good pollinator for plum trees so I’m putting it to the test! It’s a cross between Japanese and American. If I get plums I’m giving the credit to Brady! You can see how the Beauty plum is doing behind. It was the one that leafed out first last week.

This is the Satsuma tree I’m trying to pollenate.

These are the two Elephant Heart plums up close, and the four Indian Free peach in the back.

This is the other Toka.

This is in the tray were the cuttings were already budding out and some had flowers or leaves. I cut the flowers off and some of the leaves on some. I let it get some direct sunlight yesterday and it burned some of the leaves. I wont do that again.

I have Bing, Rainier, and Stella cherry in here. I also have lots of Santa Rosa and some Satsuma plums. This tray has some new growth and some that seem to be about the same. I must not of took a picture of the right side of the tray. I will get one. It shows a cherry that grew leaves out where I cut the flower off.

Looking at this photo made me want to take another look inside. I spotted mildew on some of the cuttings. I lifted the top to ventilate. It’s going to be tuff to combat the mold. They may be all doomed. The one tray with the dormant cuttings looks fine but I opened it up some to let air ventilate.

If possible,maybe put a little battery operated fan inside. Brady

I have mine outside in partial shade they may not root. I didn’t realize you had to keep them like that.

I think I had them to wet. I had a half inch of water in the bottoms of the containers. I pulled them out and dumped the water. I left the ugly ones out, and left the plastic open on each end. I will have to water them now, but I think the mold stopped growing. I don’t have any fans small enough for that size container. I don’t see any mold in the container with the scions you gave me. I think I will boil the rain water before giving them a drink. The ones I pulled and left out I checked the roots. One had little white fibers about 1/8" long from only the bottom of the stick. The other one was just white. They may have had small ones on the sides that just ripped off when I pulled them out.

Hi Orchardman, I’ve never done this before. Reading up and watching videos most people were keeping them in green houses or trays with garbage bags over them. There are others who are doing it the way you are too, but they soaked them in an inch of water with rooting hormone till white bumps appeared on the bottom. Then planted and kept out of the sun. I’ve read that some varieties of plum won’t root, and others if the cutting is dormant you can just stick it in the ground 2/3 of the way and they will root if the conditions are right. I am just trying to give them the best environment I can. It’s more like experimenting to me. There is a post on this forum where a guy was using cuttings as stakes and they rooted. I watched a video of a dr who does cuttings for resale at a nursery in a large green house. He sets a timer on a mister that gets set every day according to what type of day it is. He also shielded them from the light coming straight into the green house. He dipped them in rooting hormone and planted them 2/3 into a medium soil that drains really well. I think I got mold in the one because it was to wet and I used rain water that was in a bucket for a couple days. Plus there wasn’t any air circulation.

Thanks Johnnysapples I wish I had saved more cutting off the rootstocks but I came across some dip and grow and had about thirty cuttings so I thought I would try it.

You can put sterile water in a spray bottle and mist them to keep them moist.

Well sorry to say I did not have any success with rooting these. The one batch died do to mold, and the other just didn’t root. I think I had to much soil in my medium and it was to wet also. I did have some success with the Toka blooms pollenating my Satsuma tree! I took the blooms three times to my tree on different days and touched the blooms to blooms of the tree. I have about twenty plums that might grow. I also did get a Shiro graft to take. I bagged eleven but in the storm yesterday Two pulled the plums off.

My Shiro graft has green tips on the first bud up on the left from the tape.

Its hard to see because it’s out of focus sorry for the bad picture.