Rootstock and Scion Wood, Apples 2022

Want to offer a heads up for members, got scion and rootstock from 39th Parallel, beautifully selected and marked, and got three pieces with 4 buds per stick. And the same for Rick’s contribution, and Rick, save me some Carolina for next year PLEASE.

My goal is to save as many Limbertwigs as I can live to graft and maybe NCSU will cut out a block to preserve them here on the Fletcher research farm.

Did get some 118 from another source, their order was short, but that nursery has made it good and is sending replacement of 106 and 890 for a trial.

So all in all it has been a good season and the White LT has budded on the stem in three days!

I will have a bunch of extra scion wood in the cooler and when this bench is empty, I’ll give these away if not too late in the season.


How’d the year go for you?