Rootstock for Grafting Class

I am in the process of helping to organize a beginning grafting class. I would like some input on selecting the best rootstock. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Apple rootstock only - this is a beginning class and we will be focusing on apples only at this point. If we have enough interest, we may add more next year.
  2. Zone 5-6 compatible - I live in West Virginia and the weather can be brutal at times.
  3. Semi-dwarf
  4. Ability to handle clay or heavy soil
  5. Disease resistance is a plus but not a requirement.

Please let me know what rootstock you would recommend and the reason behind it. Please also list any rootstock you would avoid.

Any input is greatly appreciated. :blush:

Molly F.

M111, it might be considered “semi - standard” by some. Personally I dont get hung up too much on the “semi-dwarf” vs “semi standard”. Fits the bill otherwise for you.

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I think @TurkeyCreekTrees gave some great advice with 111. This link offers some comparisons and to help answer why there are new rootstocks

That is some great information. Thank you both for your input. My job just became a lot easier.

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