Rootstock: Renus 2

A friend of mine has a weak growing rootstock named: Renus 2 PP11,233 it’s a dwarfing rootstock that is compatible with Prunus varieties such as peach, nectarine, and apricot, producing dwarf trees with no significant reduction in fruit size, early yield, high yield efficiency, uniform fruit size, high frost hardiness, no suckering, and good soil adaptation.

I have been informed this was a seedling of western sand cherry (c. pumila var. besseyi)
It grows wild in the central states of the US.

Just curious, is there anyone of you familiar with this stone fruit rootstock, or familiar with Sand Sherry?

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I remember reading something from Jim Cummins (Cummins Nursery) about it years ago from Nafex. I decided to Google it, lo and behold it was in the first search which popped up.

I don’t know if he was speaking specifically about Renus 2, but he didn’t have a very high opinion of Sand Cherry as a peach rootstock.

Interesting read…i think he should have tried a few varieties just to see if it wasn’t just the incompatibility with Elberta…maybe RedHaven would have worked better. Maybe an interstem of something would help.

Of practical experiences I know that a lot of apricot’s are compatible.


I’m not sure he was speaking specifically of Elberta. As I read it, he just used that as an example in his somewhat sarcastic scenario, but I could be wrong.

Dr. Cummins used to be in charge of the Geneva rootstock breeding program. Of course primarily dealt w/ apples, but I think he knew his stuff when it came to stone fruits too.

Prunus besseyi is being used in effective breeding programs: