Rootstocks budding out before scions

Just checked on my bench grafts that were potted a week or so ago. They’ve been in my unheated basement. I noticed that some of them have buds popping on the rootstock but not yet on the scions. Should I rub the buds off the rootstock in order to focus that energy to the scion? Or should I let them develop in case the grafts fail and the rootstock will be able to go out this summer?

In my experience I rub the rootstock buds off. If your graft fails more than likely the rootstock is going to push more buds at a later date regardless.


I agreed with TCT.


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You want to rub them off regularly and quickly. The stock can decide very quickly that it would rather feed one of those energetic sprouts than your weak graft union buds.

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Thanks guys. I’ll be sure to do that.