Are there roses with more than 200 petals? Thanks!


Here’s a short article about petal count and blossom shape in roses. The author mentions “very full” roses with 41+ petal count.


Is the specific number important?

This one is one of the fullest I’ve seen:


Claire Rose is rated “very full” at 120 petal count. :open_mouth:


Yes petal count is important. David Austin has claimed he has bred roses that have 200 petals. I am looking for more.


My bad, sorry for wasting your time


Here you go: David Austin “Spirit Of Freedom”.


I own this one! Fragrance like no other!


My Eden rose (aka Pierre de Ronsard) is rated at least +50. Fragrance is subdued but for looks it’s a bombshell!


Pierre de Ronsard (the “Eden” rose) is back at it again!

Here it is today.

Kind of a droopy crawler. I need to trellis it better. This is one pretty rose.