Rote Weinbergpfirsich (Red vineyard peach)

Hi all,
After loosing Indian free and cling to our flash freeze last November I started exploring other red fleshed peaches. An interesting one I came across is Rote Weinbergpfirsich. I can’t find any information on it in English, the link below requires google translate if you don’t read German. Sorry :smile:

Does anyone have any experience with this one? Is it available in the states?

It looks to be a late ripening (with the grape harvest) red fleshed cling that is used for wine making and cooking, but still good out of hand.

Its not available here that I know of. There are many red-fleshed peaches in Europe, in France in particular, but few have made it over. I have three other ones, Sanguine Tarveda/Chateauneuf/Pilat all from France and all similar to Indian Free but more early.

So where are those available? I really liked Indian Free.

Theres no commercial nursery propagating any of them so you would have to get some wood and graft. I have them and have sent them to several people here as well. My source was USDA ARS for two of them but that option is no longer available unfortunately.

Thanks Scott! OK, maybe down the road I will request some. This year I want to tackle some regular peach cultivars and I’m going to ask Mark for some scion.
I need to practice before I request some rare stuff.

Thanks Scott, I’ve had Pilat on my list since you mentioned it on the Nafex feed a few years ago. Searching around for it or others is what led to finding this one. If it turns up maybe we can trade and compare them.

One fruit readily available is Arctic Glo, it is a red fleshed nectarine. And IMHO is better than Indian Free. It also ripens in early August. By far the best stone fruit I have produced. Granted I have only produced a few. It is extremely red too, more so than Indian Free It has it’s faults. A cling stone, and a thick skin for a nectarine. It is a very vigorous tree, extremely winter hardy and produces large to medium fruits.The acid-sugar balance is excellent. I gave some to a local ornamental gardener I respect a lot, and he said it was the best nectarine he ever had and did I have more? (I didn’t!).

Thanks! I didn’t realize Arctic Glo is red fleshed. I’ll have to look for that one too :wink: