Rotkottis Frau Ostergotland Pear

Anyone know anything about this pear? Origin. age, pictures, pollination needs, etc?

My site gets more traffic from search engines to this cultivar’s page than just about any other.

Does the rotkottis have some kind of weird cult pear following? There’s very little information on it, but a surprising amount of interest.

Well, it’s one heck of a notable name- is that part of the attraction?

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Not much at all just that the name means red flesh from Ostergotland. The USDA has this information with a picture Rotkottig Frau = Red Fleshed I’m assuming from Östergötland - Wikipedia

Haha yes it is. I lived in Germany for awhile and even I think it’s a mouthful.

Edit: I should clarify that I know it’s not German, but they’re similar-ish languages.

I bought a tree of it, years ago, from Classical Fruits Nursery (Adair family) at Moulton, AL.
Fireblight killed it outright before it ever fruited for me… so long ago now, I don’t recall if it even flowered before FB ate it.