Royal Lee Cherry Pollenization

This morning I noticed that my Royal Lee Cherry set fruit. This surprised me as the nearest sweet cherry tree to my house is about 0.18 miles away.

I have about a dozen smaller stone fruit trees that have been blooming. However, the only other cherry I have is a Lapins cherry that is still asleep. The other trees I have a peaches, pluots, plums, pluerries, apricots, and apriums. All of these bloomed at the same time my Royal Lee Cherry bloomed. Could these have pollenated the tree? I heard and read Khaled mention similar.

I also have Carolina cherries less than 10 feet away though I didn’t think those could pollenate a sweet cherry tree.

FWIW, the Royal Lee cherry tree was purchased bare root about 15 months ago and has been in the ground only about that long.

Has anybody else had a similar experience or have input on this?

I search a lot of topics and even when a thread is old, I still find the info within helpful. Just in case, here’s an update in case somebody comes across this post.

What appeared to be fruit sets really wasn’t. All the little fruitlets eventually turned yellow and fell off the tree.

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Interesting! I think you may need to add Minnie Royale and Royal Crimson for the biggest chance of pollination.