Rubinette picked today


Yes it is.


The seeds are dark brown.


Here are some Rubinettes from my multigraft tree. It took a number of years to make a good crop of good fruit. Now I understand why people like them. Very flavorful and I agree, among the best.

I have Queen Cox and King David on the same tree. I really enjoyed both of those, but I think I like Rubinette the best.


Welcome to the Rubinette fan club :slight_smile:


I think I’ll re-graft one of the mini-trees with Rubinette scion this winter. Maybe the Jonagold, which I love but is frustrating. The parent tree has too much disease and alternate year bearing. Also, despite being on M27, my Jonagold is about 12 feet tall, too big for my purposes.

It’s interesting, since both Jonagold and Rubinette have a Golden Delicious patent. Also, I like Queen Cox, which is either a sport of Cox’s Orange Pippin or a Cox progeny, and Rubinette’s other parent might be Cox.

I do like those Rubinettes!


You might enjoy this read.


After reading your posts about Rubinette and seeing the pictures I definitely have to add this variety. Do you all know where to order scion wood from? Thanks & Congrats they look delicious!


@derekamills offers both the standard and Rosso variants.


Thanks @jerry


My 2nd Rubinette dropped. The graft is low on the tree and the apples do not get as much sun as it should. I also left too many apples on this 3 yr old graft. It won’t surprise me if it will go biennial next year.


These are always my favorite apples. No spray organic and smaller this year and much less red than normal years but very lucky to have any apples! Got hit with more cm than any year before and even found some pc earlier in the year. I did use beneficial nematodes applied to the soil in the summer.


Hello Paul, Was it you that said you would trade some Russo scion wood with me? I looked but couldn’t find the response. I was waiting to send a list of scion wood I have to trade when I knew what was available. The list is as follows, Aunt Rachael, Domine, Caville Blanc, Centennial, Freyberg, Golden Pearmain, Hunge, King of Pippins, Old Fashioned Winesap, Old Nonpareil, Red Fuji 2, Terry Winter. Thanks!


You can post you scion swap on the Trading Post category. However, you need to post frequently enough for the system to upgrade your membership so you can access the Trading Post category.

Some of forum members live in Canada or overseas (mostly Europe). Please check legality of trading scionwood across borders.