Rubus breeding and ploidy

Wonder if anyone has data on the ploidy of various rubus species;
Raspberry and Blackberry.
As I understand it
The parents must have the same
6n. For successful crosses.
I’m Keen on finding a legitimate hybrid of
Rubus Spectabilis,. Salmonberry.
They thrive in the Puget Sound lowlands
Tolerant of wet feet and low light intensity
The fruits are of modest flavor at best.
A successful Raspberry hybrid would be great.

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I believe Drew51 does.

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A hybrid of two different Ploidy levelled parents would most likely be sterile, right?

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I will keep an eye out for salmonberry when I walk my dog. Raintree sells it, but I am not fond of the price. I want to try cultivating Rubus ursinus I have been finding around. I tasted very good berries this year, and I would like to see if cultivation will improve the quality.

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Salmonberry grows easily from cuttings.
No need to let Raintree gouge you.

What is Rubus Ursinus?

Trailing blackberry/ Pacific blackberry. They are dioecious, have tiny seeds, and are very sweet and flavorful.

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Have them locally. Yes they’re good, but the plants are either male or female, and not very productive.

Do salmonberries yield better? I have males and females, so they are setting fruit well. I don’t know the yield, and will have to see how they compare to my Freedom berries.

Salmonberry has had little attention from breeders. Yield vary, but in general
They don’t seem to be all that productive.
Flavor varies also.
I find the Orange ones are better tasting than the Red ones, though less attractive.
I’d love to get a viable hybrid of the Salmonberry, but I don’t know what to cross it with.
F1 hybrids with Raspberry are mostly sterile miles.
I’ve got a good tasting one behind my house.

I remember looking this up a while ago, and finding that there are actually many different species of blackberry, with all possible ploidies, and blackberry breeders seem to cross different ploidies willy-nilly to get new cultivars. If you look up some new blackberry varieties and the ploidies of the varieties crossed to get them, you’ll find some surprises.

I am curious about the ploidy of Rubus Spectabilis:
the Salmonberry.
I have a superior selection in my back yard.
Wondering what other rubus would be potentially compatible.

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