Salsa time


Prime time for tomatoes and cucumbers.


Big beef and Sweet 100


My Dad’s ‘Better Boy’ tomatoes are so delicious. In the next 10-14 days I’ll be trying 3 of 4 heirloom tomatoes of my own.



I am canning some baby dills this morning, did a canner load last week too. My cukes aren’t overwhelming me yet, for which I am grateful.
Love those maters! They look wonderful. I have about 15 different varieties this year, and all of them are sloooooow to ripen. Black Krim, Celebrity, yellow pear, and Tommy Toe are the only ones we’ve eaten so far. Great BLTs Sunday night though! :yum:
I am looking forward to salsa making too. Well, not the actual making it part, but the eating part! :grin:


Yumm. BLT is my favorite sandwich in all the world.



I’m with ya there, don’t even need the bacon!


Totally, a Club sandwich is totally going overboard! :relaxed:



Yes! I love just tomato sandwiches!

Love the bacon too though. When I was growing up it was just bacon and tomato. Didn’t use the lettuce.



My grandma made BLT’s with:
sweet pickles sliced appx. 1/8"
and mayo. I was always requesting “go light on the mayo GRANDMA!” :laughing:



Y’all are making me hungry!

I think I’d better revisit the forum after dinner. :wink:


We did 'em for lunch today - 'bout had to flip a coin on which of the first ripe toms to go with: Brandywine or Black Krim. Never grown BK before, but we went with BW Sudduth. Oh this is gonna be a too short season I fear…


I put a mixture of BK, TT and Celebtity on my sandwich and it was great!! All that variety made for a fantastic BLT. And actually the L was replaced with kale since that is the only leafy green I have growing right now. Still waiting for some Toms more to ripen… tons of green ones though.