Well here it is. I’ll post back here later in the spring and we’ll just see what happens.


If you hope for the strongest possible growth reaction you really need to plant that tree into the ground. As I understand the tree was in the ground before and didn’t grow well. But nonetheless a potted tree will always grow much weaker than the same tree planted into the ground. Plus that container seems to be on the small side for a tree older than a year or so.


Just an update on my Santa Rosa. It’s in the ground and as you can see it’s budding out really well. Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll keep you posted.


Can I remove the branches growing towards the center now without stunting growth?


Yeah, looks good! Just pinch the parts you don’t want off with your fingernails, leaving a little bit on the trunk or branch, etc.

If you know you’ll never want a branch in a particular spot, rub it off from the trunk itself. But I think pinching is safer, even though you’ll have to do it again later as it regrows.


I’m very happy with how well this tree is growing and developing. It appears I’m going to have plenty of well placed scaffolds. I just want to say thank you for everyone’s advice. Should I start training the new scaffolds now?


Hang clothespins on them to pull them down. They look a little tender to try to tie down. They’re easy to accidentally rip off!

Edit: the ones that are barked up and stiff can be tied down now. Make sure to tie around a barky part and not the soft green parts.


I just wanted to post and update on my Santa Rosa. It is growing vigorously and I will have plenty of scaffolds to choose from in the winter. This is after cutting spring growth back by a third with subsequent regrowth.