Same member, different screen name

Hello, all. I just wanted to let everyone know about my change in screen names. My name is Casey. I was formerly listed as figeater on this forum. I had password issues that have kept me away from this forum from a while. I finally just decided to reset my password, and hence my screen name.



I may be misunderstanding, but just wanted to let you know you don’t have to change your screen name to change your password. In fact, I think you could change your screen name back to Figeater, if you wanted.

For those who don’t know, to change password (or Username) click on your avatar on the upper right corner. Then click on your username from the drop down menu. It will pull up your page. You’ll see a bunch of tabs across the top. Click on the tab on the right which says “Preferences” There you can request to reset password, or edit your username/screen name. Or you can upload a photo to use as your avatar.


Olpea, I don’t think regular users can edit their usernames … only Admins can. I think you (and I) see that option under our preferences only because we are admins. The email can be changed by users but not the username.

But if anyone wants to change their username we usually can do it for you, just PM an admin…


Yes, there is not an option for me to edit my username.

Scott, how does that work with the “@” pointers in posts? Do all of these get updated as well if a screen name is changed?

Oops, sorry about that.

After discussing with Scott a bit in a PM, I looked at the settings and apparently new members can change their usernames for the first three days, then they can’t. But as Scott mentioned, Casey (or anyone else) if you want to change your Username, just say the word, or PM an admin. Looks like it would only take about 10 seconds to change it.