Sandhill Preservation Project

Good prices, good OP seed. No more paper catalog, The USPS beat it out of them.

Poultry too.

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I have ordered from them, Glenn is one of the most well-known people in the seed saving movement and they have a unique selection of seeds. Think Baker Creek but without all the marketing :smile:

I’ve ordered from them too. Overall good, although the purity of seeds is not always good. I mean I noticed the mix up and probably crosspollination. The seeds of one tomato variety were so old that they barely germinated after 3-4 weeks of sitting on the heat mat. But they have some rare seeds that nobody else have.

Thanks for sharing this link. I placed an order for a few melons, tomatoes, and beans I’m excited about! They have some unique stuff.

Just how infernally busy these guys are, even granting some farmed-out growing. was daunting back when you got a paper catalog.

I think the electronic model is smaller than the paper one.