Sansa apple on G11. Thoughts?

I have space for two SMALL (under 8’, maybe 6-8’ spread at most) apples in the front, and I don’t want to go with any more columnars. I am thinking of ordering from Cummins, and if I can fit two small early apples (I want to expand my season, and we use eating apples all summer) I was thinking of Pristine on G41, and Sansa on G11. I have read Sansa is a slow grower, and maybe is cheap with producing new wood? If I really baby it by siting it well, is Sansa on this root worthwhile or just a headache? I don’t want bushels. just a dozen or red two summer apples.

Input welcomed, on either idea. Thanks all. :sunglasses:

It is not a vigorous apple but I don’t think it would be a headache on Gll, just a petite tree. Just don’t let it over bear and remove all fruit until its reaches the size you want. And don’t let it suffer from drought.

From what I gather it is between 9 and 26 in vigor and I have Sansa on 26 at several sites and it actually functions as a free standing tree with perfectly adequate vigor for a mid-sized tree.

It is a sweet lovers delight and amazingly rich for such an early apple. If I hadn’t fallen in love with Zestar as an apple in that season I’d still carry it in my nursery.

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Thanks Alan! I feel good about it now. I’m excited to get this apple.