Santa Rosa Plum on Citation

Today I picked up this Santa Rosa Plum on Citation from Green Thumb Nursery, San Marcos to replace a nectarine in that location. For the present the pot is hooked up to the automated irrigation and perhaps before summer is over I’ll have it planted in the ground.


This may help me later,because I haven’t removed a tree that size and planted another in it’s place.
Are most or all of the roots dug up?

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I treated the cuts with Triclopyr 4, and tied on rags in the process so none of the herbicide would drip on the ground. The roots are shallow and will be dead when I excavate but it will still be a task. I’m estimating 6-10 wheelbarrow loads of soil will come out and then go back in.

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I have trees on citation. Not a big fan of the citation rootstock because it can produce early dormancy in trees if not enough water. I know my area had little rainfall. I have heard it can help if you have floods though.

Citation is a very good rootstock for my soils and climate.