Touring the orchard recently and found this damage to my apple and pear trees. I’m assuming it is an overwintering sapsucker. Does anyone have tried and true methods to keep them from damaging your trees? The cheaper and easier the better.
I shoved some prunings from my knockout roses around the trunks as a stop gap, but I’m not too sure this will work, and is certainly not a long term fix.


Sapsuckers are really tough to control. I have no solution for you, but I do have an observation.

My parents have a small, poorly maintained “orchard”. Apples, pears, cherries, plums, and peaches. They also have a couple of English Walnuts. The sapsuckers hammer the walnuts and ignore the fruit trees. I have no idea why…


Wrap burlap around the trees that they favor and have started prepping their meals. .they will usually give up and move on. At least thats what i read into it.

They love suet.

I have lots of maples and elms so they dont fool with my stuff much but they frequent the suet.

Hummingbirds frequent sapsucker holes too.

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I wrap the areas with aluminum window screen and loosely staple shut.