Saturday Marche

More pretty pictures of the incredible vendors. This vendor is my favorite as they grow their produce, some distribute only. You can tell the difference. They do distribute avocados only. Here were some of my choices today. Of course I bought strawberries, since they are in season now and taste like real strawberries, not bubblegum! The lettuces were spectacular too.![image|


Are they gariguette?

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Only the elongated strawberries are garriguettes. I had a lunch the other day and served them with butter cookies. They taste also like Mara des bois, but have a fresher taste.


Yummy! :yum:

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Beautiful! Those artichokes are so big and pretty. We never see ones that large and round here.

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So many masks under the nose…eek!

Food looks great though, makes me hungry just looking :slight_smile: