Save or replace these avocado trees?


Its hard clay soil for sure but drainage is good. I did do the water drainage test after the hole was dug. You could be right, may be the clay. If anything I would say its under watered not over watered.

If it lives :frowning: , its a 3 in 1 avocado planting (Little Cado + Holiday + Fuerte) for cross pollination and year round avocados.

I’ll put back the chopsticks or add a taller cage to keep the dogs out. I do know soil has issues - high ph, low nitrogen, low iron. Will wait for the soil test results before adding any amendments.

Will give it 6 more months to see if I can rescue it. If it doesn’t get better in 6 months I’ll pull it out.


Our soil is clay also and we planted on a mound last year. The tree is still young but has doubled in size and seems happy.


I agree. At least get a variety that fruits at a different time than your neighbors tree if you are going to grow one. I always told friends in CA never to plant a persimmon or a lemon because there are usually trees in the neighborhood overloaded with fruit might as well hook up with your neighbors for those. Same can be said if a large avocado or orange is nearby it will be too much fruit for the owner.


Thanks all!

Soil tests will be back early next week. May have to pull the plug on this one - but will wait until the results come back.