Scion sending protocol?

So I just jumped into the scion-offering world and only after I got responses, it occurred to me that I don’t what to do or how to send these! Is there some expected size of wood and packaging method that I should be following?

I saw some discussion in another thread about packing/wrapping the samples but there were differing opinions.

Anyhow, what’s the prefered length, diameter, labeling method, packing method, shipping method and anything else I need to know?

If that info already exists on this site please let me know.


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And I’m sure that opinions will differ here too :smile:

Length- whatever your package can hold: anywhere from 5-10" is good. I’ve received very nice ones from ARS which are 2’ long, but that is overkill, as it increases shipping costs.

Diameter- about pencil thick. If I have a lot to work with, I’ll try to get some a bit bigger and some a bit smaller to make it easier for the recipient to find a perfect match. But don’t stress too much about it, as there are ways to deal with differing diameters.

Labeling Method- masking tape and sharpie works. Another option (if there aren’t too many varieties being sent) is to use different colors of twister and write the color-variety mapping on the outside of the bag.

Packing method- The other thread touched on it, but I just put them in a zip-lock, along with a moistened folded up square of paper towel (not dripping wet). Then I put the zip lock in a padded envelope and mail it.

Shipping method- Cheapest option from US mail works well and only costs $2-3 for small loads of wood.


Thanks Bob!

While poking around on youtube, I found this Stephen Hayes video that pretty much covers it all.

Thanks to the person you suggest Stephen Hayes. It might have been you!!

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I didn’t think of suggesting him for this, but he makes some great videos and I’m definitely a fan. I’ve been adding most of the varieties that he praises. Laxton’s Blue Tit (plum) is the one I’m still looking for (spoken of here, at ~1:30).

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Yes, I’ve given up finding Bluetit plums here in the U.S. Seems like another variety that never made it “over the pond.”

I think it made it over- ARS has a record that they acquired it in 1938. They have it listed as not available now, but I think it was available last year. At the time, I figured that I missed the cutoff date, and I would get it this year…Which doesn’t seem likely now :frowning:

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How many branches do you* send per variety? Is it a set number or do individuals work it out on a case by case basis?

  • You = equals anyone, not just Bob!!

Is that a hint to get someone else to respond? :smile:

I’ve seen 1-2 sticks (not whole branches) being common. It often depends on the size. If they are a bit small, there are often 2-3. Large ones could be just 1.

The answer can also change a bit based on how much wood you have. If I have plenty and there is space in the envelope, it is easy to slip in a few extra.

If there is a lot of a variety and different diameters of thickness,I’ll ask the receiver,what thickness they want and how many grafts they intend to do.Usually 2,maybe 3 buds are kept on a scion per graft.
Otherwise,I send about 2-3 sticks of each kind,if available.
By the way Bart,thanks for making the offerings.I’ll probably be contacting for some. Brady

When I’ve asked for wood I’ve usually said “a stick or two” or something similar, and left it up to the sender to send what’s convenient; conversely, I usually do the same the other way. I can help someone add to the variety on their tree, but I can’t help them topwork a tree over to a new variety. I assume that if somebody needs commercial quantities they’ll be looking elsewhere.

One point to shipping that I haven’t seen mentioned yet has to do with when you send them. I like to mail mine so that they are in transit over the weekend and get to the destination early in the week. So I’ll mail on a Thursday or a Friday. Kind of a guessing game, and maybe not important, but it can’t hurt.


Stephen asked his YouTube followers about a year ago what we thought of him writing a book. I think he decided on an ebook and the profit from sales will be donated to charity. Not only is he good at what he does he seems to be a good person.