Search for Original Saturn (not donut-shaped) Peach

Hello, folks! I recently joined this forum to connect with fruit growers from all over the country. I look forward to the feedback from the many enthusiasts and professionals growing different kinds of fruit!

Many years ago, I acquired a few Saturn peach trees from Bay Laurel Nursery (Atascadero, CA) after viewing the Dave Wilson Nursery video where Tom Spellman showed the beautiful springtime blooms it produced. Although I tried to follow the advice provided in the DWN videos, Citation is not a good rootstock for peaches and nectarines in areas where there are a lot of potential illnesses triggered by a combination of excessive rains and high summer temperatures. I lost both trees before I ever learned how to graft. I moved to a different household about 3 and a half years ago, so I’d love to acquire the Saturn peach again to grow it successfully from now on!

Although there are many nurseries that show the “Saturn” peach available for sale, they refer to the donut-style peach and not the original Saturn (which is a yellow, round-shaped peach). If anyone knows of a location where the original Saturn peach can be mail-ordered please let me know! I can also pay or trade for scions of the original Saturn peach if there are any growers out there willing to do so. Thank you!


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Hello, Richard! Thank you for your input! Before I made this post, I did go over the same DWN results list but to no avail. I do appreciate the feedback, though!

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I have this tree, sadly it almost died in the 2021 freak storm. It is pretty pitiful right now as most the tree died and i only have one tiny branch still alive. Unfortunately, i really cannot offer you scion wood at this point, but the peaches are delicious. Hopefully someone else here has the variety available for you.

Many of the nurseries on the following list have yet to receive their 2023 bareroot order, and thus the Saturn does not show on their web site.

Hello, Richard! That is true for nurseries that aren’t mail-order, but I live in FL and can only obtain the tree from a mail-order nursery such as Bay Laurel Nursery (which usually has it, but they’re sold out). I did ask to be put on a waiting list in case they get an extra Saturn tree or if someone cancels an order, but it’s unlikely it’ll happen. Anyway, it’s better to try and source it as much as possible! Once again, thank you for your input!

Believe what you wish.

There isn’t a need to get aggressive or to be condescending. I didn’t say anything wrong to you, and I thanked you for your efforts in my inquiry. It’s not about what I believe, it’s about what is available. Bay Laurel Nursery posts their available trees for mail order as early as September (sometimes late August), so they do know ahead of time what they’re getting.

Hello, Jason! Thank you for the good wishes! I hope your tree survives and reestablishes itself!