Searchable Historic Aerial Photos

Found a free website that you can type in a city or address, then it will pull up aerial photos for it, some dating back to the 1930’s. It also does topo maps. The site is

For example, type in “Corona, California” and hit “search”. It will bring up a modern aerial photo of the location. On the left will be tabs for aerial photos, this set going back to 1948; compare the 2006 development in the south of the town to the massive citrus orchards of the same area in 1948.

You can purchase copies without the watermark. We’re using it to find old apple orchards in the local mountains.


Man! I could get lost for hours on there! Thanks.

Thanks, Kevin, that is really cool! I checked out my property, which went back pretty far. At one time, it was all orchards, and appears to be all citrus orchards.

i like it! thanks!
and speaking of nostalgia, another link would be

the old commercials/advertisements most especially, are either nostalgic, ridiculous, or outright hilarious