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I know we have a scion exchange category. Along that line, there are a lot of gardeners on this site who like to try various heirloom seeds. How would folks feel about having a Seed Exchange category, so that folks can give a list of what they have and/or what they want? I have received many seeds from very generous members here and thought why not have a separate category for that?


I would definitely be interested in vegetable seeds, native wildflower seeds, and fruit tree / bush seeds.

I grow native wildflowers and similar plants (e.g., milkweed) to encourage beneficial insects and contribute to the recovery of the Monarch butterfly, for example. I have extra seeds for certain plants (e.g., milkweed, coneflowers, black-eyed Susans) and would like to get seeds for certain other plans (e.g., coreopsis a.k.a. tickseed).

At the moment I have dozens of seedlings started from fruit tree seeds and would very much like to get a bunch of seeds from various fruit tree and bush cultivars, particularly those with disease and / or pest resistance. Hopefully some of them will turn out to be good cultivars worth keeping, in which case I expect to share scionwood with others. I have a number of extra seeds from certain cultivars and would be glad to share some of these also.

While I’ve been too busy to do it so far, the plan is to write a post about my experiences and lessons learned so far in growing seedling fruit trees.

If a Seed Exchange category would encourage more folks to participate, that would be great.

My one suggestion would be that it include seeds in general (e.g., fruit seeds, flowers) rather than being specific to heirloom vegetables.


Yes, that’s a better idea, thanks for the suggestion.

Sounds like a good and useful category. Even those who may not have anything to offer can get some ideas by seeing what others are growing/trading.

I would have some vegie seeds and some limited amounts of grain seed to trade.


Yeah, I don’t have a lot to offer, but could part with some. I have been saving heirloom pepper seeds this month, plus I was looking through my Baker Creek catalog, and the idea kind of came to me. I also thought that seeds are a lot cheaper to ship than scions, so maybe more folks would be willing to participate.

This was the first time I’ve tried to save any kind of seeds, so I hope I did it right. They “look” OK, but there’s no way of knowing if they’re viable until they’re planted, of course.

I suggest just renaming the Scion Exchange to Scion and Seed Exchange

I literally threw out a bunch of unwanted seed packets two days ago. :see_no_evil: dang it

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OK we admins huddled and the Scion Exchange is now renamed the Trading Post. You can trade scions, seeds, or fruits there. We had a Fruit Exchange category with little action and I’m going to delete that category; fruit trades in the future can be done in the Trading Post. Note that only level 1 and higher members have access.


OK, that sounds fine. Thanks for your consideration of the suggestion.

That was a great idea.

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Hi there – I’ve searched for member “level” info but can’t find it. Can you direct me? What are the different levels of membership? Thanks, ZF

See Understanding Discourse Trust Levels - blog - Discourse Meta.

Hi – OK, thanks.