Seedling from a Bartlett vs Bartlett

Any ideas of what i have here? I’m guessing it’s a west coast grown Bartlett seed (CA/WA)…

Seedling Bartlett



Nice fruit, nice picture!

But I have no idea what it is, although it certainly is Bartletty-looking. Is it on a seedling that is the result of crossing two Bartletts? I think that’s what you’re saying but I want to be sure.

Looks more like a harrow type than a Bartlett. Great looking pear! A seedling like that is sellable if it tastes as good as it looks! I will look at the leaves closer when I get on my computer next. Not many seedlings turn out to be a pear like that!

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I had a bunch of seedling pears years back that i took out of store bought Bartlett pears (because i love Bartletts and thought i’ll just grow my own). I killed most of them off because i had too many…but i left this one because it was in a spot i wanted a tree. My best guess is the tree is roughly 5 years old. It’s maybe 12 feet tall and not that wide. It does send up a lot of shoots that i have to cut back.

There are maybe a dozen fruit on the tree…and i have to watch it because the squirrels like to use this area to ambush my peach trees.

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