Seedling fruit trees

Once again my mom was showing off her gardening skills. This year she grew me a pawpaw and a crabapple. Last year she raised me a dozen peaches. It gives me a feeling of closeness with my family to know my grand parents , great grand parents, and even there great grand parents and beyond shared this closeness with the earth and trees. Growing fruits and vegetables is therapeutic and once it’s part of you it always will be.She got several feet of growth on the apple and over a foot on the papaw and this is their first year. If you get to serious and focus on just raising a money crop or set expectations to high you miss the fun projects like these. If you raise a crabapple for its beauty and for the wildlife to eat from my perspective is equally as successful. We don’t have a shortage of fruits to eat either.

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Those are very nice. I share with you the growing connection to family and ancestors growing things. My grandfather grew pawpaws in the 1960s so I do now. Ditto for persimmons. He also had peaches he grew from seeds, and I am doing that now. It’s a nice feeling. The biggest ginkgo tree that grew from seed my late Dad collected is majestic. I may move next year, so grew ginkgo seedlings to use for rootstock, and intend to collect scion from my Dad’s tree to graft late winter.

That’s an especially nice pawpaw. I have a pawpaw seed in a plastic bag in moist paper towel, in the fridge now. Dont know what I will do if it grows.

My peach seeding is from Oregon Curl Free. I hope it is also curl resistant. My other peach seedlings are from genetic dwarfs. One is 18inches tall, 3 years old, and has the fuzzy looking buds that I hope indicate flower buds for next year.

Thanks for posting a nice topic.

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