Seedling peaches first crop

The two little seedlings that bloomed for the first time are dropping fruits now…very sweet.

I have lost my note book, temporarily, I hope, so I’m not sure which ones these two are :frowning:

The peach we ate so far was very sweet, red outside, dark yello inside and nicely balaced in flavour, tart and sweet notes.
Just had to share, grin.


Looks great! How old is the tree? I have two seedling peach trees. Second year. Hoping for fruit next year. So I always ask people for the age of their trees, just to compare :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think they are 4, and since I probably do have less frost free days than you, yours might bloom next year at 3.
Mine might be 5, so I’ll have to count the flushes in the photo to be sure.

Good luck with yours.

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did your seeding peach set fruits? I started couple of peach, pear and apricot seedlings last year. Some are over 5 feet now. Thanks.

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Yes, fruit for 2 years now. Tasty too, and not too bad for peach leaf curl. I’ll spray with bordeaux mixture every 3 or 4 years, in the winter, and they have enough resistance on their own that it will be enough.


No mine didn’t make it. Winter before last winter killed it. :frowning:

Plant more seeds? Choose peaches from the grocery store, but grown in an area close by.
Most won’t winter, but some will, depending on how close a match you are with the area they were grown. If you have room, breed in some father davids peach, inedible but tough as nails.
Other wise, go for peaches grown north of you, as they will be hardy varieties.

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